Throughout our lifetime we go through a huge number of experiences. Our mind processes large amounts of information from all situations and interactions we have with other people and the world. But those we perceive as similar and recurring experiences gradually create and with time strenghthen certain beliefs we form about ourselves – how lovable we are, what we need to do to get love, whether we deserve to be happy, how much we matter, what we can expect from Life, etc.

The main focus of the RTT session is to shed light on and help you understand important situations but most of all – how you perceived and interpreted them. Because, as Marisa says, it’s not just the events but their interpretation that most affects us. The session helps you realize what conclusions you drew about yourself based on these events.

For example, clients very often review scenes where a parent yells at them or criticizes them unfairly because my client did not meet their parent’s expectation or they received a task which was not age-appropriate and there was no way for my client to cope with such a task at this particular age. Such memories help my client finally understand why they grew up to be anxious all the time and why they feel as a failure or they believe they are never good enough. With this review back in time my client “sees through” the veil of the past and is finally able to realize what a big burden they took on from parents or relatives – a burden that was never my client’s jobor responsibility to carry in the first place. Clients quickly realize that as children they had to deal with the reality of their lives and often were not really given any choice. And now that they finally see the conncection, they can become free of all the guilt, all the heavy feelings and inner conflicts that tormented them for years. From this moment on they can see the truth about themselves – that actually they are extraordinarily capable and smart because they managed to go through all these difficulties. Clients quickly realize that the negative beliefs about themselves were acquired, they were not innate. These beliefs were imposed on them because of the reality in which they literally had to survive. They start appreciating their inner strength and resilience, they see themselves as the capable person they always were. It becomes clear to them that the adults’ inability to cope with their own challenges was in no way a reflection of my client’s personality or abilities. This gives clients their confidence and self-esteem back right away. And in the time after the session, they get to appreciate how impressively capable and smart they actually are.

“Going back in time” helps us free ourselves from the heavy shackels of the past and move on feeling whole, trusting ourselves more, and being more authentic. This transformation is an exciting process of becoming conscious, of understanding and re-inventing yourself, a process of making peace with ourselves with genuine compassion. Knowing and feeling that we have good enough qualities and skills not simply to survive but to feel great and to thrive, we can actively create the life we deserve and move forwards with inspiration and unwavering faith in ourselves.

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